Monday, December 28, 2009


The Sulap and the retards.

View from the Sulap.
The view from top of the hill.

Kiulu stream.

Great escape. You never gonna find this in any place, especially Shah Alam.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It keep coming.

When I start to convince myself that 2009 is my best year ever, the bad thing keep coming made the statement change. My brother have his worst ever result, considered failed, I'm not sure but I sound something like he probably would be kicked out from the University. His temper make the people around him feel down too. It's feels like I been 'forced' to mourn for him. Come on lah, I suppose to be still in a happy mood with my previous result.

He probably will smash the car radio if they play this song.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Lot of unexpected things happens, good and bad. When I got a great result, and the bad thing came, my grandparents house was destroyed by the flame. The house the full with the memory of my childhood has disappeared, but life goes on. I wondering why there is no help from the local government?

I tried to email some of the picture and the detail of the tragedy to the local newspaper journalist, and I hope they will publish it.

I'm not sad, just not in a mood for Christmas this year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holidae Inn - Chingy

Spending most of my day of holiday by sleeping, and watching .avi, sounds bored but so alive for me. Hate to go out, damn hot out there, not good for my sensitive skin, haha mcm pondan. 3 more weeks, I still a lot more to do, thesis and design proposal, haven't touch them yet.

Already got the result for last semester, surprise as hell for the result, still hard for me to believe it. I just want to graduate with 3.5 above pointer, the result just what I need to maintain the CGPA. I think its karma, I help a lot of my friend and it's does make me look like a fool. I give the my assignment as their reference, give them my personal note for revision, it is karma.

3 more weeks, I have to do something that make sense. Maybe T-shirt printing would be nice.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Open your eyes.

"Abre los ojos, open your eyes." Said Sofia Serrano.

I felt uneasy to hear that. The word keep popping-up in my head.

Well, I should fully utilize my hibernation process. Gain a lot of fat as possible, Inspiration, motivation, and strength. I will need that when I'm in battlefield.

I can't wait to finish this whole education thing. I don't like it, it's not my stuff. The only thing that I love is the competition, I'm a minority, I'm the survivor for the competition, the feeling of winning is so.. extacy.

Examination result will be released in two more day, no deanlist mean that I'm lose. I know God love me and He wont let me disappointed. Amen!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


"Appreciate every opportunities that came, grab it, it yours. " Came from my ex-STPM teacher. The quotes appear as a graffiti in my head.

Sometime I remember, but I always don't. They come and goes. Sometime I used it, but most of the time I don't and I regretted.Human has the right and chances to step into the upper class, but we wont take it because they in a warm and a comfy place. Why move?

The world is just too convenient to stay, human only require to move their ass and work. Brain is only used to make a simple decision such as food menu. We never be able to survive renaissance periods.

We easily feel stupid, everything are stupid, 'Only me is the best, disagree then you stupid too.'.

Just feel little upset, I'm in the last semester and I'm 22, and it seems like I don't have what it takes.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Updates from Uranus.

Every time when I turned on the laptop, the first site that I going to check out is Facebook. It's funny, I don't thing there's a point why I'm doing that, I don't even like to post, I don't even understand why they keep posting, they even post what they eating. But the updates does, make me feel there's still a living things out there. Who care how annoying they was, it's their life.

I'm happy, seems like they all have a great life. They were show high and they even mixed up the upper and lowercase for their status updates. Good for them, I'm feel so below their class.

I'm unsocialized, I refused all their fun stuff because I have mine. Sometime my fun is their hell, and vice versa. Maybe I have to learn to love their 'fun', but hypocrisy does kills, it's like play your friend's favourite song and hear they sing along.

I'm not really clear what I just writing about, and I just finish watching Rise of Evil.

Adolf Hitler like this.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

First date with motion graphic.

Malas mau sambung. Render and randomly put a music. My main idea is to make a music video for whole music, but I running out of idea. Pemalas gila. Harap-harap bisuk rajin.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I become the fan of Duduk Diam Di Rumah.

I'm refuse to go anywhere, I already done this thing for two days. Only for 10 seconds of video.

My camera still resting, while my laptop never been shut down.

After Effect is kinda addictive, wish I have a better PC to support this 10 tan software. Motion graphic skills become more precious than photographic skills when DSLR is everywhere.

Two important things needed, laptop and internet. Laptop, of course as a workspace, internet as a image source, and tutorial too. They didn't teach this subject for my course, thank God we have Youtube.Eat After Effect everyday, hoping this software can guarantee my future.

My future, I always think about my future, that makes me too relying on my future.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another monologue.

Just arrived at my cousin's house at Putrajaya, just like every semester, his house is like temporary stop before my flight, and its the right place to secure my pillow, I never planned to buy pillow for every semester. I may steal bucket, but I will never steal pillow, give me free and still I wont take it, yuck.

I'm still wondering to do for the semester, work or stay at home. Work will be great, but I only have 3 to 4 weeks. Why work after the suffering of the previous semester?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The war is over, get yourself out from you hideout.

It was a great semester. Really. Researching at the morning, mockup making-sketching at the evening, and typing at night. Do it every semester and this one is the toughest so far. I guess.
10000+ typed words i guess. 3 reports for the semester, exclude the thesis, and 'thesis' doesn't sound scary anymore.

How to celebrate? Sleep, sleep will do and it was all I need. Wake up, and utilizing my laptop, and watching all the movies that I've been collected for semester. Sounds boring isn't it? well, at least it's costless.

I just realize a funny fact, my lifestyle didn't lead me to a girlfriend. Haha.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pengutip Hutang

Saya amat benci meminta semula duit dari orang lain, pendek kata, memungut hutang. Tapi kadangkala kita terpaksa, mungkin sebab kesempintan, mungkin sebab maruah, mungkin sebab tidak mahu mereka terus meminjam.

Terpaksa, itulah alasan saya. Di kolej, secara tidak langsung saya jadi ah-long, saya saya kutip yuran, saya beri mereka tempoh untuk membayar, saya desak mereka.

Saya AJK Bendahari pada peringkat blok, saya juga pemilik broadband yang disewakan kepada roomate lain. Dua peranan ini memaksa saya jadi seorang ahlong yang kejam, yang mendesak setiap kali bersemuka.

Sebagai AJK Bendahari, saya dikehendaki untuk mengetuk setiap pintu di Blok hostel ini. Duit yang diminta bukan sedikit, RM15 untuk satu semester. Banyak bagi saya. Semata-mata untuk program bodoh seperti dinner. Orang yang mencipta dinner akhir tahun ini memang bodoh. Ianya seperti memperkenalkan subjek Add Math di sekolah.

Hal-hal yuran ini memang dibenci di kolej, setiap poster yang berkaitan dengan yuran akan diconteng, dikoyakkan, dan renyukkan, dan kami terpaksa melaminatekan ia dan masukkan ke dalam papan kenyataan berkunci. Kita semua benci bayaran, apatah lagi bayaran semata-mata untuk dinner bertema.

Semester depan adalah semester terakhir saya, tidak perlu lagi memegang apa-apa jawatan. Semoga berjaya kepada pemungut hutang yang baru dilantik, dan jangan cuba meminta yuran dinner bodoh itu dari saya!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unexplain Dream

I was 'Rocket' in the 'City of God' film in my last night dream. It was friggin' scary to get pointed with the gun of Lil' Z. Didn't get it? But seriously you have to watch the movie. I consider the dream was not a nightmare, cuz the movie kick-ass!

But the weird part of the dream was, Michael Jackson take my hand and ask me to follow him to walk out of the 'City of God'. I don't understand, why Michael Jackson?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saya paling benci bengkel.

Barang kelengkapan sudah disediakan, semua sudah dimasukkan dibeg siap-siap, skema atau tidak siapa kisah, kekurangan barang pada esok pagi adalah kesakitan.

Pita ukur, kertas pasir, pembaris besi, pensil dan lukisan teknikal adalah peralatan wajib, kekurangan salah satunya akan amat menyakitkan, dan menyebabkan tiada tujuan untuk berada di bengkel.

Pinjam meminjam amat sukar bagi pelajar-pelajar ketika di bengkel, masing-masing akan penyembunyikan peralatan masing-masing, pensil akan disimpan di dalam kocek, bukan di telinga, pita pengukur harus disimpan di dalam beg, bukan di pinggang.

Pembaris, harapan untuk mendapat kembali pembaris amat sukar, tapi at least kurangkan jumlah pembaris hilang.

Bengkel umpama medan perang, tidak ada orang akan mampu bergaya, bila bergaya pasti dicopkan pemalas, macam taik, atau budak fashion.(hanya student jabatan fesyen akan bergaya di mana-mana)

Belia Benci Bengkel.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Become wiser.

Everytime I walk to class, I realized, I haven't change for these 2 and a half year. I still walk when other own a ride. Yeah maybe I do changed a bit, fatter, fatter and a bit wiser...not.

I always want to be wiser. Wise people are cool, their words somehow like bullets, they kill. But what to do, we can't just purchase any 'wise' supplement, become wiser is not optional, it's gifted.

I've heard before, to become wise, you have to 'eat' those stupid things first, experience all of it. Know clearly what stupidity means.

Blame me, I hate reading. I bought a book but only read the 1st 3 chapter and open the final chapter to know the ending.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sedikit gambar dari henset ku.

OMG! Abang Rosyaammm.... auw.

Fanatik Pakatan Rakyat. Troli dia ni penuh poster PKR, termasuk di jubah sekali.

Hard Disk... Get well soon.

Hari ini memang panas, hingga mampu meletupkan cermin kereta.

Happy Deepavali yo peeps. Adios.


I'm not on diet, but I try to control my food consuming.

By the way, this site help me a lot.

Senarai #2 Perkara dibenci di bilik asrama.

Ini merupakan lanjutan kepada Senarai #1 Perkara dibenci di bilik asrama.

6. Orang ketuk pintu
Pelan bilik kami berbentuk rumah pangsa, sepatutnya dipanggil rumah. Dalam rumah ada tiga bilik semuanya. Oleh itu, sesiapa yang duduk atau tinggal di bilik paling depan, dialah akan jadi tukang buka pintu. Saya benci bila setiap 2 minit orang akan buka pintu. Padahal semua itu bukan tetamu saya. Memang semua kaum lem*** suka melawat bilik geng diorang kah?

7. Sabun Mandi/Syampoo cepat habis macam cocacola.
Sabun mandi(Shower foam) dan Syampu selalunya saya biarkan dalam bilik mandi, yalah, siapa ada masa untuk angkat benda-benda itu setiap kali pergi mandi? Tapi apa yang paling menensyenkan sekali, rakan-rakan sebilik turut berusaha mengabiskan barangan mandian tersebut. Kadang-kadang cuma bertahan 5 hari. Saya saspek, salah seorang dari roomate saya mempunyai ketagihan yang amat unik, iaitu meminum syampu dan sabun. Mungkin.

8.Berdiri dibelakang secara senyap ketika kita Online atau buat kerja
Memang kurang sopan, barbarian, amat melanggar privasi, menganggu emosi, pencetus paranoia. Selalunya mereka datang, dan baca apa yang kita taip, tidak kira ketika kita Chatting atau buat kerja. Mungkin mereka rasa cool sebab kita gagal mengesan mereka. Itu tidak cool, itu monyet.

9.Mandi Lama Gila
Ini teramatlah bikin panas. Apa yang buat seorang lelaki mengambil masa 30 minit di dalam bilik mandi pada masa-masa kritikal (30 minit sebelum kelas bermula)? Cuci muka? Cabut Kening? berendam dalam bathtub? baca surat khabar time berak? Amatlah tidak logik bagi saya. Ini juga sebab utama saya selalu 'terponteng' kelas, yalah, bangun, tengok bilik mandi masih ada orang, apa lagi, sambung tidurrr.....

10.'Girls' gone wild
Gathering 'golongan-golongan' ini selalunya berlaku pada malam rabu, dan khamis. Tidak, saya tidak benci atau anti mereka ini, mereka baik. Tapi tolonglah hormat rakan sebilik, hilai ketawa berdisebel tinggi, madley lagu Siti Nurhaliza versi garau dan sengau, amatlah mengganggu, dan, kami tidak stim langsung. Serius.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halo again.

I already keep the old 'notebook'. Why? I wanna puke everytime I clicked the 'Oldest Post' button. That's it. Haha!

P/s: Don't mind the blog title. I always have a problem to choose the right title for my blog.

Friday, October 9, 2009

How to be a 'Tukang-Kipas' for dummies.

1. Duduk di tempat duduk paling depan. Anda akan terus-menerus dianggap pelajar yang berminat untuk belajar. Bersainglah dengan Butt-kisser/tukang kipas lain.

2. Buat-buat muka fokus, serius, seolah-olah mendapat input yang bermanfaat, walaupun ajaran yang disampaikan amatlah di luar silibus.

3. Angguk bila pensyarah memberi kuliah. (ini asas yang amat penting.) Kalau boleh, tongkat dagu anda lakonan yang lebih meyakinkan. Selalunya pengipas-pengipas akan mengangguk serentak dan seirama.

4. Rajin-rajinlah menanya pensyarah pasal tugasan, walaupun soalan itu sangatlah general gila babi semua orang termasuk anda tahu jawapannya.

5. Selalu jawap soalan pensyarah, walaupun soalan-soalan menjengkelkan yang tidak perlu dijawap seperti ini, "Tulis dalam kerrrrr?????" anda jawap "tasssss!!!!". Disini, pengipas-pengipas akan menjawap serentak, anda selalunya akan kenal saingan anda dalam situasi ini.

6.Ketawa bila pensyarah buat lawak bodoh. Tau apa dia lawak bodoh? Sila google.

7.Jika rakan anda gagal menjawap soalan yang ditanyakan oleh pensyarah, bisik-bisiklah, kononnya anda seorang pelajar yang suka membantu rakan sekelas.

8.Ketawa bila pensyarah buat lawak tahap ujibakat rajalawak. (berbeza dengan no.6)

9. Senyum bila pensyarah menceritakan hal peribadi beliau, misalnya "Anak I suke sangat makan KFC, tapi nak jimat, so I gorenglah Ayam pastu masuk dalam kotak KFC, Hehe." Senyum walaupun anda tidak berminat langsung mengambil tahu.

10.Pastikan anda tidak betul-betul mencium penggung pensyarah anda. Walaupun dipelawa. Beliau hanyalah menguji tahap kewarasan anda.

Cilaka, saya benci butt-kisser di kelas.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Minggu yang bau kedai.

I hope this week gonna be my great week, and I'm gonna take more photo, to replace my lost photo album. And, I'm gonna lose a bit of my weight too, I'm starting to play futsal now since they made a futsal court at a parking lot of my hostel block, with a rubber floor of course!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kaki bola.

Kaki bola tidak semestinya kaki seorang pemain bola, jika kamu kata "bola, bola, bola, bukan pandai main pun!!!", bermakna ada kurang memahami, ataupun anda seorang pemain bolasepak yang cuba berlagak.

Secara kronologinya saya mula meminati bolasepak sejak tadika lagi, bermula dengan meminati pasukan bola sepak Sabah, ketika itu penyerang utama adalah Scott Ollerenshaw, Matlan Marjan, Kembar Laban, Milomir, Khairul Azman Mohamed, Bobby Chua, Jainin Tinin, Yap Wai Loon dan Julius Ating, sekitar 1994 - 1995 mungkin. Hanya mendengar melalui radio, dan jika bernasib baik, ada live di TV.

Pernah sekali ketika kampung saya terputus bekalan elektrik, dan hanya satu rumah terdapat Generator, iaitu rumah kami. Sabah FA vs Pahang, Satu kampung datang duduk menonton bersama, sorakan seolah penarik penduduk-penduduk lain untuk datang sekali. Ketika separuh masa kedua, bilangan tetamu yang datang semakin ramai, manakan tidak, sampai kampung sebelah pun datang. Sabah menang piala FA pada tahun 1995.

Itu dulu, Sabah FA kini selesa bermain di liga primier sahaja. Saya kini juga kurang ambil kisah.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tentang Cuti Raya Ini/Lepas (Ala-ala Cedet)

1. Mi segera berjenama Sedap menjadi makanan ruji sepanjang waktu percutian. Mee segera ini sangat bagus kerana perencahnya dipek secara berasingan, anda masih boleh bubuh kicap, kruik-kruik, dan minyak tanpa meletakkan perencah 'bumbu' atau MSG yang perlu dihindarkan kerana menyebabkan keguguran rambut. Selamat berhari raya kepada pemilik-pemilik restoran, bila nak beroperasi semula?

2. Beberapa game gay saya telah mula terokai di Facebook seperti Rock Lagend, Farmville, dan Barn Buddy, nampaknya membawa sedikit ketagihan. Mungkin persaingan yang wujud dikalangan komuniti itu sendiri yang membuat permainan itu membawa ketagihan. (Anda boleh gantikan gay tersebut dengan happy jika anda kurang selesa)

3. Beberapa rancangan telah gagal, salah satunya adalah Jogging pada pagi dan petang. Rancangan tersebut menghadapi pelbagai masalah dan rintangan dan sukar untuk dijalani.

4. Terima Kasih diucapkan kepada laman web Youtube kerana kelajuan yang maksima pada tempoh cuti ini, saya berjaya menghabiskan beberapa movie dengan amat laju dan berkualiti tinggi(HQ). Salah satu movie yang paling sukar untuk dihabiskan ialah Band of Brothers. Movie ini teramatlah mantap dan saya tidak pernah skip walau sesaat, termasuklah melihat luahan-luahan para veteran perang dunia ke-2.

5. Pencapaian yang harus dibanggakan pada tempoh seminggu cuti ini adalah, kejayaan memasuki final Liga-liga Juara dengan menggunakan pasukan Liverpool, itupun setelah mengubah karekter Torres, Babel, Keane, dan Benayoun, semua tahap kelajuan pemain-pemain ini telah dinaikkan. Liverpool adalah pasukan terlemah dalam game PES 09 sebelum diubah.

6. Kegagalan paling memalukan adalah, gagal menurunkan berat badan. Amat pelik jika difikirkan, mana mungkin manusia gagal menurunkan berat badan jika hanya makan mi segera selama seminggu. Saya mula berfikiran negatif.

7. Satu lagi kegagalan adalah Tugasan, rancangan membuat tugasan telah difikirkan seminggu lepas, namun hanya dilaksanakan malam tadi.

8. Kitaran tidur saya berjaya dipulihkan. Saya mula bangun pukul 6 hingga 8 pagi, dan tidur pada sekitar 12 tengah malam. Berbanding seminggu lepas, saya hanya akan tidur pada 6 pagi dan bangun pada 12 tengah malam. Harus dipuji, jika dikira pemulihan waktu tidur amatlah sukar bagi manusia biasa.

9. Ada sekali emosi saya tercabar, iaitu ketika membeli murtabak ayam. Tambi itu secara yakin meletakkan harga dua kali ganda keatas murtabak dagingnya. Saya bantah dalam hati. Memberontak. RM5 bagi murtabak adalah luar dari pemikiran logikal. Kecuali ianya murtabak dari Italy. Saya senyum lalu beredar. Tahan kemarahan tidak mahu hati si tambi terguris.

10. Saya pernah bercadang untuk mengemaskan rumah ini, namun niat terhenti setelah sedar rupa-rupanya rumah ini tidak ada mop. Tidak mengapa, simpan sahaja niat suci murni itu dihati.

Tau apa Cedet? Lihat di ruangan "Cool Blogs" di bawah. Blog kegemaran saya.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sasaran terbaru

Setelah berjaya mencapai sasaran sebelum ini, ada pula sasaran baru.



Samsung External Hard-Disk

Terima kasih bos tempat praktikal kerana bagi elaun yang cukup-cukup, dan juga mee-sedap, dan juga loan Yayasan Sabah kerana masuk lambat.

No more

No more photos. My external does it again. Celaka!!! Its more than 20 gigabyte of photos in it! 20 gigabyte of my videoshot!! 10 gigabytes of graphic works!!

But I'm not gonna throw this crap, I'll still gonna keep it. I know there's a hope somewhere.


1)Don't ever lend anybody your external hard disk.
2)Back up, always back up.
3)External hardisk is the most fragile things on earth after pinggan-percuma-dari-ubat-gigi.
4)Don't ever buy hard-disk with high capasity, the more the fragile it was.
5)Don't put movies, software, song in because your friend will like it which hard for you to stop them.
6)And the brand. Don't ever buy because they are cheap.

Argh, I need a new one.


When doing sketches for my assignment, I do it seriously, but it has to be fast, because there's a lot to do. When it's finish, I smile, satisfied because I managed to finish all those sketches. I knew they gonna impress with this.

But in the next day, which I have to show them to my lecturer, they not impress, not even a little, saying all of them are bunch of crap. Frankly, I'm surprised. I thought those will impress them. I just can't see which part of the sketches are crap.

But last night, I took out the sketches which planned to make a 3D, holy shit, now I see, the stroke a mess up, the rendering are sucks. Eventhough the lecturer didn't ask to re-do it but I still want to. Seriously, it just not my level, maybe my last two year level.

Sometime, no, perhaps most of my time, I just don't see. I blinded by my own expectation. We all does.

Haha, I'm desperate to use my English, it's getting more rusty since most of my assignments only use visual languages.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kucing tadi

Bising gila kucing tadi, mengiau macam kucing gila di luar minta bagi masuk, makin lama ngiaunya makin sama bunyi dengan nama saya. Celaka punya kucing.

Saya bagi masuk, supaya dia puas hati, supaya dia dapat tengok di dalam rumah ini memang tidak ada makanan.

Lepas 5 minit, dia keluar sendiri. Ayam punya kucing. Sama macam perempuan cantik, cuma tengok makanan. Materialistik punya kucing.


Hari ini saya dapat rasa hidup seperti roomate saya, tidur 12 jam, main PES sampai sakit ibu jari.
Oh, What a life! A loser's life.

Bila perut mula lapar, saya pergi ke dapur, panaskan air untuk masak mee. Ok, maggi.

Sambil tunggu air masak, duduk semula sambung game. Bunyi kucing kedengaran di luar pintu, kelaparan mungkin.

Saya keluar, usap sikit, dan masuk semula ke dalam rumah, biar kucing itu di luar. Tidak bagi makan.


Satu, orang kata, bila kita bagi makan, dia akan berak tepat-tepat di tempat itu, untuk penanda agaknya.

kedua, sini tiada makanan! Where the hell can I find food in this frickin' holiday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My best.

Saya perlu kembali ke tahap terbaik saya.

Well, I think I'm getting worst.

I don't sleep at night, but skipped class in the next day. No point.

What am I doing? What am I thinking?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mungkin mimpi, tapi ianya berlaku.

Dari pukul 5 petang hingga ke 3 pagi, keempat-empat penghutang tiba-tiba datang bayar hutang.

Some of them I don't even remember when I lend them money.

Now I'm wondering if my ASB account still active.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It say 'Never skip meal'

No wonder i getting fatter, I often skipped my meal. But I don't trust this site, the author is fat.

Cardio Exercise

I googled on 'How to lose Love Handles' an the first answer is Cardio Exercise.

How can I jog during these bulan puasa?

I hate it when my friends keep wondering and ask how come I keep gaining weight in this bulan puasa, in the same time they molested my 'abs'.

How come my friends not getting fatter eventhough they eat more than me during berbuka? they even get thinner!!!

Problably my metabolisme rate is low, ok, now I'm googling 'how to increase my metabolisme rate'.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Currently, I have no reason to write.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monologue 1.0

It's been two year now, since the first day I came here, I was a stranger, my dialect obviously different than them.

My course require us to research and development, think and sketch, visualise and realise the whole idea. and now I began to feel the tension tiredness.

I am sick of whole this stuff, and yes it was too late to regret. I have no other option.

I'm bored, f**k those assignments.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Daily Photo #5 : Humble

A humble beauty

It's 5.00 a.m and I'm still awake, doing laundry. It's hard to get a machines during day time. At early morning, I owned the whole machine.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kalkulator pembunuh.

Daily Photo #4 : Something Cliche

Taken at Puterajaya, Sabah sunset better I guess.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daily Photog #3 : Rascals

"It's no matter if you black and white."

When I looked at this shoot, somehow I envy them, they don't need to think anything, no assigment, no burden, no problem, everything was so colourful yet so simple.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Photog #2 : Tower of Babel.

Centuries ago, human created a tower, to reach heaven, to reach God. God came down, punished them, give them different language, give them different country, disunite them.

Now here we are, hate each other, racism, prejudiced, war. We forgot that we all human.

Tower of Babel.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nota hilang.

Ini bas terakhir, aku mahu pergi dari sini, sini tidak lagi selamat, aku mahu pulang.

"Ada panadol?" Tanya rakan sebilikku, sebelum dikuarantin, sehingga semalam.

Nina, mangsa ke-612 di kampus ini. Virus celaka.

Semua pelajar, survivor, diarah keluar dari kampus, Virus itu kini hilang kawalan, virus yang lama sudah berevolusi. Ini Virus baru.

Tidak ada langkah mudah, kampus bakal diletupkan dengan harapan dapat lenyapkan saki baki virus. Satu-satunya cara.

Aku percaya, kami semua bukan dihantar pulang.

masa depan.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daily Photo #1 : Domination

The Impossible became I'm Possible.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Review Liverpool - Stoke

Superb, game semalam memang best, pergerakan bola yang cantik. Banyak perubahan dari musim lalu kalau korang perasan.

Javier Macherano cuba sedaya upaya menjadi penganti Alonso, cuba buat hantaran jauh kepada winger dan bola-bola change side. Benayoun banyak berlari, tapi fizikalnya gerakan tidak mampu bertahan 90 minit. Glen Johnson, laju, saya anggap Johnson ini satu-satunya pembelian Benitez yang menjadi. Dia punya Dribble ni kira terbaik la di EPL buat masa ni. Well, masih terlalu awal.

Torres? Dia nampak macam depressed, larian tidak menjadi, teringat pula time kemarau gol Owen dulu, lebih kurang macam ni juga. 1 gol torres ni pun kira nasib, bola depan-depan kan.

Next week opponent, ASTON VILLA.

My line up, Reina, G.Johnson, Carra, Ayala, Insua, Riera, Macherano, Gerrard, Kuyt, Babel, Torres. Please no lucas.

Surat Khabar di malaya.

Sesiapa yang belum pernah menjejak kaki ke tanah malaya ini pasti menjangka sesuatu yang 'kelas' di sini lebih tinggi dari tempat asal mereka.

So do I, and yes, maybe not all.

Maksud saya 'Kelas' disini adalah taraf pemikiran, mentaliti.

Akhbar, kualiti akhbar sini adalah diantara paling teruk, jika dibandingkan dengan paper dari Sabah mungkin kalah dari segi kualiti printing, tapi pengisian?

Tajuk muka depan yang kurang intelektual, ruangan paparazi memijak-mijak privasi orang lain, berita berkenaan paranormal melebihi berita lain. Apa yang pelik, semuanya sold-out.

Satu lagi, susah nak jumpa paper dwi bahasa. Di Sabah pula susah mo jumpa paper 1 bahasa! Pelik kan?

Apapun, semoga akbhar malaya akan ada kelas pada masa akan datang.

P/s: Asuhlah kanak-kanak anda membaca The Stars & NST! dan bukan KOSMO!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mr. Money is coming to town.

Tiba-tiba banyak kerja datang, the good thing is, all the job makes money.

Kini saya cuma perlu fokus. "Tutup semua tab!"

Ok, first maggi.

White Hart Lane. Is where the Reds were buried.

Kalah. Credits to Glen Johnson. Great pace.

But Carragher and Skrtel, what did they do? They've hit each other head. What a shame.

I've lost my bet.

Friday, August 14, 2009

H1N1, my calculation.

Here in UiTM, two dead so far. Two college students.

College students, I repeated.

Where did they went before deceased?

1)Lecture Hall
3)Bus Stand
6)College Walkway
7)Public Toilet

Now, how many suspect are there?

1)Lecture Hall - 50+
2)Bus - 40+
3)Bus Stand - 50+
4)Cafeteria - 100+
5)Shop - 20+
6)College Walkway -20+
7)Public Toilet -5+

Suspect = 285
Wear Mask = -30
Real suspect = 255

255, means that UiTM going to have a semester of holiday.
Don't take this seriously, i mean the numbering, it just my rough assumption, you can make your own.

Wear mask, while you still can.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"Hari ini mesti siap semua tugasan." monolog tengahari tadi.
bukan sikit, transkrip, tesis bab 1, repot. Banyak.

"Ok, besok mesti siap, kali ni betul-betul punya." Monolog 14 jam kemudian, ibarat menekan butang refresh pada Internet explorer yang pending gila babi.

Pukul 4.55 a.m. Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully.

I've been a dork.

I've once love her, deeply. The world are once ours.

Well, I guess it still the sweetest, chapter of my life. So far. For her, I've been a dork, betray my music sense, and fully utilize my phone, unspoken promise and I've been blind.

And I made a little decision. a cruel decision, a massive betrayal.

I lost her and it's been three year. She might think I am a asshole, she supposed to hate me, but who know.

They totally right about saying missing the person that not yours is kinda...hurt somehow.

I need a girlfriend. lol.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Something about Sunday

I'm bored.

My head, get well please.

Just woke up from my hibernation, and my head is frickin' hurt, you know, head hurt everytime we have a long sleep, my theorhy is it's forget to function. I made a coffee, coffee has always been my first solution for and headache, paracetamol is second.

I have to get well, I have keep in a good condition, always, because there's a lot of pending homework to do. Now, turn the Microsoft Word on!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Gambar Hiasan

I kinda live in a middle of 'rule-obeyer' kind of peoples, follow all the rules written in the book. It feel suck sometimes, when no one with me with my freak idea. Maybe I have no other choice than keep being Individualistic.

Check it out #2

Kawan-kawan saya kata citarasa musik saya sangat teruk.
Setiap kali saya pasang lagu ini, diorang pakai earphone.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let me stalk you, will you?

Every early morning and night I'll open a few blog, to read their update, I'm a stalker who seeking for an entertainment. What entertaint me? I seldom smile, but I really love to see others smile, that's entertaint me.

I love to read blog that written in about their lifestyle, they emotion, every detail of they life, their thought, because I believe, when people share, they know it's gonna be interesting for other to read.

When there's no update in my bloglist, I'll open my facebook, there's so many update, sometime they update it every minute. But most of them are about 'sayang-sayang' which makes me wanna puke.

So, please update your blog. Bloggers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What a day, I went to a few places to continue my research, but this time is about 'The Behavior of Human while sitting'. Sound's easy right, but this is the real challenge. In this task, we have to capture the way human sit on the bench, and capture what they doing.

Once again, my ability of spying people demanded, using my camera phone snapping about 30 shots per person. Me and my friend has really work hard on this, until the time we 'kantoi', arghh,he supposed to turned off the sound of his camera.

As a spy there's a few things that we should mind,

First, must always wear black, you know, black always the has the less attention among all colours.

Second, minimize movement, this is important, people will wondering what's up with you when you keep moving.

Third, don't choose pretty girl (or boy) as a target, this kind of people always think other people around them always look at them, so, they going to be the first to notice what you doing.

Forth. turn off camera's sound.

Spying on people? What a wierd me.

Salah satu wanita yang saya rasa Kreatif.

Floria Sigismondi.

1 persamaan antara wanita-wanita kreatif.

Mereka semua pelik.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Terbongkar: Kem ala tentera pelajar seni UiTM

Gambar-gambar ini diambil secara curi dari markas pemantapan student seni UiTM oleh seorang penyiasat peribadi yang pernah menjadi pelakon sampingan dalam drama popular 'X-files'.

figure 1.0
Salah seorang dari pelajar (rujuk figure 1.0) yang menghadiri kem ini di'tattoo' secara paksa di seluruh bahagian muka termasuk leher. Ramai yang telah ditattoo mengambil keputusan untuk membunuh diri dengan melemaskan diri. Anda dapat lihat pada latar belakang gambar di atas.

figure 2.0
Disebabkan kekurangan makanan, mereka terpaksa mengorbankan salah satu dari rakan mereka untuk dijadikan santapan petang.

figure 2.1
Dapat dilihat di gambarajah(figure 2.1) di atas, salah seorang pelajar sedang menjamu sebahagian tubuh rakan mereka.

figure 2.2
Gambarajah menunjukan seorang pelajar cuba menerkam nelayan yang kebetulan lalu di kawasan tersebut.

figure 3.0
Salah seorang pelajar perempuan yang gagal menjawap pantun ditanam, dan disimen, lalu dibiarkan selama dua malam.

figure 4.0
Adegan disimbah cecair radioaktif menjadi perkara biasa.

figure 5.0
Mereka masih perihatin terhadap penularan H1N1, sesiapa yang memakai mask (dikira sebagai saspek) akan dikuarintinkan, mereka akan dihalau ke pulau lain.

Semua adalah rekaan semata. Melaka trip is the s**t! UiTM ArtDesign yo!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Senarai #1 Perkara dibenci di bilik asrama.

Blog lain, ada lirik lagu, ada video, ada tag, ada senarai. Jeles juga kadang-kadang. hua hua.
Mungkin saya semakin kearah kenormalan bila timbul keinginan-keinginan seperti ini.

Okay, sudah 4 tahun saya menduduki asrama, 2 tahun time form six, 2 tahun di sini Shah Alam. Yeah of course banyak perkara yang saya benci, dan mungkin kamu juga akan benci.

jeng jeng jeng..

Perkara dibenci di bilik asrama.
1. Makan dan lari
Memang layak untuk no.1, sebab baru saja terjadi, I'm so pissed off bila diorang ni gathering sambil makan maggi ramai-ramai tengah malam, lepas tu besok pagi, singki penuh, dengan maggi-magginya nya tidak habis. Kadang-kadang plastik maggi dan perencah-perencah pun dibiarkan atas meja tu. Macam one night stand pula.

2. Pasang musik dengan kuat
Memang annoying bila kawan sebilik pasang lagu dari laptop diorang dengan kuat, lebih-lebih lagi bila playlist yang dimainkan langsung tidak kena dengan test anda. Kenapa rock kapak?
Lagi memualkan bila lagu dimainkan berulang-ulang sampai satu ketika itu earphone amat diperlukan.

3. Kaki busuk!
Ada sesetengah orang memang dilahirkan dengan kaki yang mudah berpeluh, senang cerita kaki busuk. Kalau baru balik kelas or futsal, fuh! jangan crita la. Tapi mostly orang macam ni tidak sedar kaki diorang ada aroma yang amat menarik. So diorang tidak terfikir pun untuk basuh. Kalau suruh diorang basuh secara direct macam kurang ajar pula kan.

Sepatutnya di sekolah perlu ada didikan tentang penjagaan aroma kaki.

4. Bising time orang tidur.
Tempoh tidur saya tersangatlah minimum, dan selalunya saya tidur pada waktu siang. Memandangkan member di katil sebelah ni rapat dengan geng pondan, so selalu lah pondan tu datang lawat, dan diorang 'minta puji' sesama mereka. Kalau kamu kenal pondan, kamu paham lah macamana 'minta puji' yang saya maksudkan.

5. 'Wardrobe' di tempat sidaian kain.
Tempat sidaian kami sangat terhad, 6 orang terpaksa berkongsi 3 dawai pendek itu. Memang sial bila selalu saja penuh, masalahnya semua kain tu kering, dan cuma diambil bila hendak dipakai. Semak! Pusat pembiakan nyamuk! Takkan mahu saya tolong diorang hantar boxer-boxer diorang ke katil masing-masing?

akan diupdate kemudian. saya rasa ada lagi.

Hari rabu malam khamis.

Any girl will looks even cool with they guitar and voice. They don't need handbag or jewelry.

Back in secondary school, I have crush on a girl, she play guitar, she sing, and she draw. Cool.
She sent me 'Buble talk' of her singing a few times, I listen to them over and over again, but when another buble talk messege came, and it's gone.

I missed those moment.

Video sekadar hiasan

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A thursday rant.

Breath in, breath out, mostly breath out actually. I failed to do a lot of things that I've planned, maybe it just a little things, but, it makes me a perfect loser somehow.

Actually our department has organize a trip tomorrow, to Melaka, great place, which a state that have a great number of H1N1 increasing. What a great idea right?

Positively, maybe I'll get my inspiration there? I do need em'.

My rival, is my ex-schoolmates. Now they all doing great in they own field, now they slowly began to own the field. Some them became singer, businessmen, musician, stylist, nurse, they doing great keeping they update on facebook status. I'm still searching. That's makes me not their rival anymore.

Sometime I blamed the people around me, they less-ambitious. I can't develop in atmosphere.
Yeah, this is me, always blame others.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Seriously, we are not pervert as you think.

It's quite busy lately, a lot of research to do, but off course I'm not doing it seriously, I'm not that serious anymore, I'm starting to take it lightly.

About my research, we were asked to conduct a research on Master Card payment receiver, so we have to take a picture on the usage of it. Without permission, permission never been a easy way, it's take a long time to get the approval.

Our group began to play our part in shooting photo illegally, of course not with digital camera!

It's fun actually, running away from guard, wild stare by the cashier, and act. There's a situation when I with a friend (also group member), waiting at the bench next to cashier counter, with our camera in standby mode, and the a guard came from behind and said...

"Kamu buat apa kat sini? tengok orang pompuan bayar sluaq dalam ka?"

OMG, we didn't realise that we at the lingerie section. for a long time, and taking picture (using camera-phone) when they paying for their lingerie. Seriously, we didn't notice that.

We just want to take the master card paying machine-lah!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

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