Saturday, February 27, 2010

Introducing... future toilet.

malas taruk watermark. sepa curi aku tampar ginjal dia laju-laju, panat aku buat ni.

Pada era globalisasi ini(haha). Semua Ramai suka buat anak. Tapi tidak suka anak.

Masa kerja dan Masa tidur.

Malam tadi saya terpaksa buang masa tidur untuk masa kerja, just untuk cover masa-masa terbuang gara-gara PES.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another rejection.

Re-post : Lok Kawi Beach

Thanks Pn. Siti. Again, she rejected my design, last night I stayed up to do the sketches. I really confidence that they gonna impress her.

Pn. Siti : Tidak, yang ni boleh develop lagi ni.
Me : Baik, puan.
Pn. Siti : Ok, awak pi buat sketches sekarang, petang nanti tunjuk kat saya.
Me : Orite. Saya buat sekarang, Thanks puan.

She asked me to sketch on the spot. Which something I can't do. I'm tired. Another sketches tonite. Sigh.

You guys can check my previous rejected 3D here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need my Mojo back.

Everytime I started to do something, I just failed to finish them in the right time. Feel like I'm a total failure. It seems like my engine didn't functioning well. My thesis, my Design, and my Furniture, the progress was really disappointing. I don't do more than 10% of the progress since last two weeks.

But this happen every fucking semester. Every semester, I feel down, I even thinking on quitting my study. I remember that well.

But what I don't really remember is, how did I got back in line, woke up and done my best to beat other.

Maybe, Lilian Too is right, Feng Shui. From tomorrow on, I'm going to change everything start with my haircut, it's Gallagher already.

I have a feeling that I'm gonna have a lot of thing to blog after this.
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