Thursday, May 28, 2009


If you have kids, don't buy them a car, school bus is safe enough.
If you have wife working, send & pick them up, 1 car is enough.
If you area has a good coverage of public transport, use them.
If you hate the hot wheather in the next few year, reduce your car usage.

The increasing of car lead to the increase of poisonous gas, tar road, oil mining, smoky factory.
Ride a car won't be so cool if we look from the different side.

Utilize your public transport. Kinarut putatan Jalan taruss~

Minority Report

Everyday my works makes a fast money, I began to love it. It's a great feeling. I started to think about to suspend my study and keep on doing this job.

I missing Shah Alam already, yeah, we always missing when we losing it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I need a spark plug

My creative engine doesn't functioning well for these 2 day. I keep producing worst designs. Maybe i should change a little bit of my daily routine, maybe tomorrow i should feed my ear with some Sigur Ros instead of Paramore. I just hoping that i could settle 80% of my work tomorrow. No, I'm not 'busy', I hate to hear that word.

Oh ya, the rain started to fall, i think it just the right time because the world is just too hot for a weak human being.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The easiest and effective way to play with photoshop

Using brush.
1)Go to

2)Search any type of brush, .....*swirl brush, *vector brush, grunge brush The type of downloaded file would be brush****.zip or ********.abr...(.abr is an extension file for photoshop brush.)

*swirl is kerawang-kerawang, vector is funky-funky, grunge is messy-messy but artsy.

3) copy the file.abr (unzip if it zipped) and paste the file to;
my computer---drive c---program file----adobe----adobe photoshop---preset----brushes(paste it here, you'll see the default brushes such as Assorted Brush.

4) Open Adobe Photoshop, and try the new brushes. Just click the small arrow at top right.
*The circle is the button to view list, and the red layer showing the list of brush, the normal photoshop only have about 8 brushes if i not mistaken.

5) and just simply use it.

6) If you are not clear enough with my buruken english. Just search at google or yahoo.

This is my simple brush artwork for my client wedding banner. I finished it in 45 minutes and i tell my boss i done it in 3 hours. Padahal rihat-rihat 2 jam lebih.

*The twinkle-twinkle i used default 'Assorted Brushes' and 'Swirl Brushes' for the keriting-keriting.

That's all for my tutor-dan-real.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Minggu ini, saya ada misi yang sungguh serius.

Saya mesti master basic untuk HTML dan atau Website. Walaupun banyak perkara untuk dibuat pada masa ini, tapi saya mesti juga belajar. Umur saya 21 tahun, ramai umur sebaya saya yang sealiran dengan saya sudah 'pro' buat website.

This desperation keep pushing me run the same speed as them.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Er...bos...mana volume dia ni ah?

I'm done a lot of work and i decided to surf internet in this office computer. I click the links on my friends updated blog. I clicked one of the link, this is my first time surfing internet in this office for
'saja-saja' reason. I opened all the links in many windows.

Suddenly a loud music of dulu-dulu punya lagu came out from the speaker, and i don't know where my speakers is. My boss whos sitting on his table turned, and automatically a question came out from my mouth...

"Boss...hehe, ini speaker dia mana?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maybe it's a TEST. If yes, then i failed.

Night Entertainer. Moon and Astro.

Last two days, there's an old man came to me when I'm on my way to work and it was 9.45 a.m and it can be consider as LATE.

"Dik, kau tau kah dimana balai polis kepayan? habis dompet saya tercicir bah."

I have no money that moment, all i have left is a few coins. Get i take out my sketch book and ball pen, i start to sketch a map to him, that's all i can do. And i give it to him, and he replied....

"Tapi jauh bah."

It's kinda suspicious answer to me. I leave him saying that i couldn't help much.
On my way to my workplace, I was regret, maybe i can just give all my coin. I still got my ATM card. I shouldn't think twice when it came to helping people, all of us shouldn't. It's a whole life regret. But it's definitely a regret, if later I found the old man in a 'K-Box' or 'Ting-tong' machine.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Talent is just a myth to make people think dream is only dream.

Fishermen, Lok Kawi Beach.

I got my so-called theory about human existence. Are each human have something they good at? Are there any human that have nothing they good at? My answer is, each person has they own specialtys but they have to keep develop it. No such things as 'talented'. Skills are very technical. So, whatever thing that you think that you good at, keep doing it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Maybe life was too short.

Doing a same thing everyday, eating a same food everyday, thinking a same thought everyday.
Without realizing it, it's make the clock spinning faster. But, if i doing a different routine everyday, are those making time spinning slower?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have to choose.

The possibility career for me. A serious career for my next 2 year maybe.

Product Designer. This is my major course. I don't now if I'll become one. This is one of my favourite job. I've done the whole assignment with full of interest. I've done a lot of sketch of product like phone, booth, and product packaging. But I'm seriously terrible in model making. I hate measuring things.

Furniture Designer. This is my elective course. I have the basic knowledge about the material, the ergonomics, and how to conduct the research. But I always fail to design a good shape for furniture, the final result always funny. But at least maybe i can become a researcher. hehe.

Graphic Designer. This is my favourite career. I've done this thing since 2006 and it start with a photo editing, and i keep doing it until now. Maybe I'm not good at it, but i enjoyed doing it.

Filmmaker. I love this kind of career, I enjoy doing it. But i don't have a proper tools to continue doing it. I've made a few short movie with my friends before and it widely publish in my ex-school. I've thinking, to continue my study in videography but i made a wrong choice. I'm quite bad in decision making.

VideoGrapher? I've shoot a few event for my relatives, my ex-company, my school, and I've done all the editing stuff until it ready to be watch, and every semester i made a multimedia show for my college dinner. This job also can make a lot of money, I've thinking to do a video service for wedding right after i finish this study thingy.

Photography. I always want to be a event photography, I love to capture moment. I been started love photography since 2004 which i have a 3.1mp digital camera and i always bring the camera to school, i capture the moment, and i still keep it, I've try to sell the video, but it kinda fail since the 'burn' technology already popular that time. But i still keep all the precious moments since 2004, 2005, and 2006. I'll sell to them in the next 20 years.. a bottle of wine getting expensive when it's get older.

I want to make money. I hate spending money but I love the art of gaining money. Hey, try Sims II:Open for business.

Which one???My next 2 year is depending on my 1st step. Maybe I'm only a dreamer. I don't have to choose, all i have is to persue.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rant-O-Rama #3

I forgot about future and my emotional problem for a while, thanks for the tight routine.

After a week of squeezing this rusty lousy brain, lay myself on the couch with a cup of coffee and Faget by Korn on the stereo is the best method of resting this tired body.

I've observed a lot of people this week, I've learn a lot. Oh.. May is great, always is.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Look at the sky.

Look at the sky. Look at it everyday. Remember the shape. Capture it. Keep it safe.
We'll never see the same sky in the next 20 years. They never stop producing car and plastic, because we never stop using them. We sacrifice the nature for the sake of convenience.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Life is not begin at 40. It's 26.

It's my first day, and yeah.. it's tiring. This is the real world. Tough and thoughtfull.

3.00 p.m., i having a chat with this dude, insurance agent, he's 34.

"Yeap, they say life begin at 40, but it's a pressure, i'm in pressure. They thought i already have a family, because i supposed to have one right now."

A couple hours later, his old friend came, and introduced his wife and kids. It's must be hurt.

I'm 21, if i fail to have a family in 13 years, I'll be a worthless pathethic dude.

Stop writting blog and find a partner, single is not fun, single is not independent, single is not freedom. You lie.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I going to stop writing because currently i got no life.
Tomorrow would be my practical training and maybe i'll get my life tomorrow.

One more thing, check it out my flickr site, my page keep updating because of she keep pressuring me to post new artwork. bye.. happy mother's day to all mother.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok.. this is my blog link, it's full of my 'daily-photo'..
Tapi masih dalam pembinaan.. i have no idea how to decorate it. check it out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

bila lega

berjalan huyung hayang, kepala tertanya-tanya, bolehkah dapat A ah? Bolehkah dapat A walaupun tadi, perabot saya dikritik habis-habisan, termasuk lukisan-lukisan teknikal sekali. Berjalan, kedua-dua belah tangan penuh dengan report, lakaran, dan model produk.

Singgah sebentar di kedai rahmat, buka peti sejuk, ambil botol kecil coca-cola, tidak cukup, 1.5L might worth it, just for this personal celebration. I'm so tired. Sampai rumah saya terus terbaring, bangun besok tengah hari masih dengan baju formal.

Big Relief

Today 4th May, finally we finish our assessment. A semester of hard work and only 15 minute being assessed. Now, i have a time for myself. Orait. Photoblog.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mr.May thought.

When a boy have less friend than knowledge, they called as nerd.
When a girl have less intelligence than ex's, they called as bitch.
When a human have less effort than dreaming, they called as... "kedai kopi hero".
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