Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I become the fan of Duduk Diam Di Rumah.

I'm refuse to go anywhere, I already done this thing for two days. Only for 10 seconds of video.

My camera still resting, while my laptop never been shut down.

After Effect is kinda addictive, wish I have a better PC to support this 10 tan software. Motion graphic skills become more precious than photographic skills when DSLR is everywhere.

Two important things needed, laptop and internet. Laptop, of course as a workspace, internet as a image source, and tutorial too. They didn't teach this subject for my course, thank God we have Youtube.Eat After Effect everyday, hoping this software can guarantee my future.

My future, I always think about my future, that makes me too relying on my future.

1 comment:

Danelyn said...

meh p photoshoot.. hehehe

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