Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Same old goal.

Trying to lose some kgs.

Friday, September 10, 2010


When I'm doing things, I easily got attracted by other things, and the old thing remain abandoned.

I used to do sport when I'm younger, I'm playing football and never stop doing it.
But I've stopped when I listened to Cobain. I started to play guitar and jam with some friend.
And I suddenly felt for art, painting, and I paint. But I never good at it.
I leaved it all behind, I've tried videography, photography, and now graphic design.

It's not that I leave it means that I dislike them, still love but less practicing.

I'm a traitor, pathetic disloyal dog. I always stop doing something for something else.
I never have a good long term commitment for something.
That's why I didn't know what I really good at.

Yes Man!

My whole 58 of potrait digital painting before decorated with some layout

Done this last week, quite tiring doing this. Spent 3 night just to satisfy the customer. My boss teach me how to say yes in everything.

The customer asked.
"Bolehkah siap dalam 3 hari?"

"Erm." I could just say no. It's imposible for such demand.

"Akak mau guna hari tu juga, mau bagi gift sama pegawai."

"Ok la, saya try la kak, tapi saya tidak janji kualiti."

I said yes and I didn't sleep for 3 damn night.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Still trying.

At last I got my holiday, I considered it as holiday when it more than two days, and not at weekends.

Some friend asked me to join Persatuan Melawat Rumah Terbuka, but i refused. Well I need to prepared my portfolio for next interview, and it need a lots of work and time.

As usual, I prepared a different portfolio for different interviewee. I got a feeling that this time its gonna be a hard interview but worth it.

I got my first interview last month, I'll assume that it was a mistake.

He said that my work are too straight forward. I usually accept criticizes but not this one. He supposed to know that when it comes to designing for government, you don't have to waste your time to be such an Avante Garde, just look at RTM layout and you know what I mean.

He rejected me, but called me a month later after his designer quit.

I did got the job, but I decided to call it a day, just after a day of working. I can't get along his head, and I don't want to waste my young age. I learned a new lesson.

Your 'creative' is not necessarily my 'creative', vice versa. If its does, then it's something that people will pay for, that's is how things work.
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