Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kepala Ku Binjul

This picture taken at shah alam lake, last year. but it's got nothing to do with my situation.

I don't know what to do. There's a lot of things to do. And not enough time. I wish my both hand able to sketch. I wish my i have hiro power that able to stop the clock. damn damn damn.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Piece from my sketchy sketch book.

I don't know what to post, but i feel like to post something. So i post something. 
I've started to sketch for fun after i stop shooting pic, I haven't snap any pic since then, and i've lost most of my collection in my budu-budu hard disk, damn. Am i lost my interest on photography? maybe. But i supposed to be more serious in these only when i have my own dslr. I'm Sick & Tired of pinjam my friends wife

Monday, February 16, 2009

Misin Masa.

misin masa, hotel uitm, 10.15 pm, 16 februari.

Kalau ada misin masa,

Saya mau balik zaman budak saya,

Saya mau kumpul duit,

saya mau kumpul ilmu,

saya mau belajar rajin-rajin,

saya mau tangkap banyak gambar,

saya mau main puas-puas,

saya mau kenal banyak kawan,

saya mau kasi tau dia.

Kalaulah ada misin masa.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

They confused.

Photo courtesy : The Sun
Alfie Patten,13 years old dad has shocked the world. (google it if you haven't!)

They never know that having sex is a serious thing that they've shouldn't know on thier age.
They confused that sex is all about love, love is all about sex. They've seen it on TV. On megazine.
"Well, i'll give it up and no one would know." "I love him, I'll kiss him, hug him, and..." "I think we should try, they say it's a fun games"."It's would be so romantic if i spent a night with him in a room". Giving virginity is not like giving a diamond ring or a car as a gift, it's more like giving half of your face and half of your brain, and you'll never get it back, so you have to get over it. Grown up, control your self, it's not about sin. It's about the level of your mentality. It's about how you deal with yourself. It's just like handling bussines, how you maintain your esset, but this one you don't have any profit. But it show you a good businesswomen or a failure.
Earlier, they didn't care to lose thier virginity before marriage, later, they didn't care to be a parent without marriage. So, what's next? Blame who? Blame technologhy. Blame the sense of inquiry.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Most Toughest & Tiring course: Industrial Design

Our Mr. President. 

It's getting tougher everyday, assigment increasing, the level of difficulty increasing. We sleep wherever whenever we can. This still in the research process and its already killing us. The next part is sketching, which we have to sketch a hundreds of ideas, for both furniture and product design. Sketching might be easy, but thinking a new idea is sure suffering. 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Boycott what?

No offense. I didn't do those boycotting stuff. I thinks its some sort of narrow minded thinking.
Boycotting will only effecting the local manufacturer of the brands. Yes, they supporting Israel. But they are not Israel product. Its funny when i heard "Coke is Israeli product!!! yess Intel Also! ya ya.. KFC and MacD also..!" They are not Israeli product! THe company only have a economic link with Israel. Not only Israel..but the entire world. Thats bussines. For example Coca-cola, they organize a lot of charity program. For aids, poverty and nature disaster. 

They produce a good product, some addictive. Asking people stop buying is kinda mean for economic view. Why don't they produce a better product so people stop buying those 'Israeli Product'?

Well, user have the right. We buy car not because we in love with the tokey, its because we like the car. Just my opinion. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mr. Sun.

I love mr.Sun. 
He's the signal of creation. 
He wake us up. 
and yes. He's hot. 
But what we gonna do.. 
If tomorrow he doesn't shine?

I love Mr. Sun.
But soon Maybe he'll stop shining. 
Because everytime he's shine, 
human keep fighting, 
jungle keep burning, 
river keep drying,
 the ice keep melting.

Everyday when he set. 
Human start dancing. 
Human having thier time. 
The firework was so beautiful. 
The city light was beautiful enough. 
Night was prettier, was beautiful. 
Without him, world are more romantic.

Human never welcome him. 
Woke up when hes's up high. 
Human closed thier window. . 
Human tinted they car. 
They hate him. 
People keep hoping,
how wonderful world gonna be,
if he doesn't shine.

Love Mr. Sun.

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