Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is Industrial Design

Starting next week, sudah start turun bengkel.. tuk siapkan benda ajaib ini...

Ini prototaip perabot yg saya akan kerjakan seorang diri tanpa bantuan doremon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Animal Photo

Love nature, never cut tree.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pertarungan dengan Naga bermula!

Yes, next week adalah minggu naga yg plg menyeramkan.... sebabnya ialah, Assesment! Test! Final Submission!..yahuuuu....mampus. Time cuti sempat buat separuh.. separuh lagi.. ya..mungkin separuh...dalam proses.

Time buat keja, nmpak ni reset makan atas meja.. Aik..bila masa sy makan Tahi. Sit man.

Tahi Negri sembilan Guring Daging

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bersyukur la nak..

So freaking slow, an anonymous free wireless connection. Whoever the owner of this connection, please don't download anything or simply just turn of your ares or torrent. (Whtever,I don't care if it doesn't really effect on the connection speed.) :P

Sesi berjalan tanpa misi: Kuala Lupak

Last night i couldn't sleep, this raya break really driven me mad. Yes, i have a bunch of fukin assigment that supposed to be done. But this boredome has finally reach its limits. Without sleeping, i look forward for the mission at the day. Perhaps its not really 'no mission', in my mind, i could do something with my photo assigment. So.. Boredome+photo assigment=kualafukinlumpur. I didn't really plan it before because i think i could finish the assgmnt only at shah alam lake (my only assigment spot).

But in the end of the mission, i only managed to capture a few..

The city still dirty, i captured this one around CM which the GAM KASUT are all over the place. But no one there. are they cuti raya also?
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