Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What a day, I went to a few places to continue my research, but this time is about 'The Behavior of Human while sitting'. Sound's easy right, but this is the real challenge. In this task, we have to capture the way human sit on the bench, and capture what they doing.

Once again, my ability of spying people demanded, using my camera phone snapping about 30 shots per person. Me and my friend has really work hard on this, until the time we 'kantoi', arghh,he supposed to turned off the sound of his camera.

As a spy there's a few things that we should mind,

First, must always wear black, you know, black always the has the less attention among all colours.

Second, minimize movement, this is important, people will wondering what's up with you when you keep moving.

Third, don't choose pretty girl (or boy) as a target, this kind of people always think other people around them always look at them, so, they going to be the first to notice what you doing.

Forth. turn off camera's sound.

Spying on people? What a wierd me.

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