Monday, March 30, 2009


26 is a number of age which most of a successful people achieve thier dream. If you don't, you a loser. But if you achieve your dream career late, then you once a loser. If you never achive, then you a successful dreamer. 26, age of glory. It's a part of my crappy philosophy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Curiosity Kills #2

Siapa pernah makan meggi untuk 2 hari tanpa makan nasi? Ok, kebuduhan ni bermula time saya buat analisis Questionnaire@borang soal selidik. Tajuk research saya "Instant Noodle Eating Habit Among Student". So masa baca-baca tu, saya terstop di soalan ni "Can you live a couple of day just by eating instant noodle?". So jawapan yang saya terbaca ni interesting, dia tulis "it's a suicide". Jesteru itu ia menimbulkan sedikit keraguan kunun.. So saya buat mini experiment. Saya try-try la tidak makan nasi 2 hari & maggie guring sedap saja. (status ekonomi saya juga merupakan dorongan). Hasilnya???? Ikuti laporan experiment

Problems Statement :
1) Bolehkah Survive makan Maggi 2 hari?
2) Adakah perut akan mengalami gangguan jika tida memakan nasi selama dua hari? (Soalan hanya sesuai golongan yang tidak pernah berdiet.)

1) Buli ba klu ko... (jawapan lazim yg bangas)
2) Buliii.. no hal la.

Alat dan Bahan
1) Perut
Kaedah Kajian
1) Membeli dua pack Maggi Sedap dan budget 1 bungkus untuk setiap 6 jam.
2) Mengenalpasti status perut setiap kali selepas makan.
3) Meminum air putih yang secukupnya dan tidak terlebih kerana ia boleh membuatkan tepung di perut kembang.

1)Hari pertama (pagi), experiment start, breakfast maggi, lunch maggi, perut macam lain-lain, tapi masih boleh lagi la...
2) Malam Hari pertama, satu bungkus macam tidak cukup untuk satu hidangan. Mau dua juga.
3)Hari Kedua, time bangun, perut macam kembang semacam.
4) Di kelas, lutut mengeletar, perut memerah, kepala macam kurang betul. Adui..

Kesimpulan : Betullah Suicide.
P/s: tapi mungkin boleh jika rajin berlatih.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I think posting lyric is lame. No offense.

But i still doing it. :P. this lyric is the most inspiring, and it is a Liverpool FC song. 
In Champions League 2005 final match, Ac Milan lead 3-0 in half time, and the kopites (Liverpool Fan) non-stop singing this song, and it's inspired liverpool to equalised to 3-3, and win the panalty shoot-out and win the cup. Read it.. and slap your own face and wake up!

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

p/s: Never mind the entry title. It's not that lame actually.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Productive Morning..

I've failed to wake up early today, the morning just too beautiful. Too cozy to wake up, sorry En. Abu, i rather layan my rare rainy morning on my bed. But, my guiltiness is strong enough, maybe at least i do some pending assignment. My 1st sin today, skipped class. 

I went downstairs to get some hot water for my coffee, i saw the campaign poster.. "Earth Hour"..
I'm not sure whether the poster is effective, the looks just like a common nature-saving posters, perhaps those 'boycott-Israel' posters are better, with sufferings kids as a main subject. So, any of us that aware with the campaign please keep supporting. The organizer will measure the statistic of electric usage, to analyses the global warming awareness among Malaysian citizen. 

All Sabahan please never stop supporting this campaign, it's not about being inside a 'before and after' photograph, its about how much do you care about nature and global warming.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Curiosity Kills

I was born with extremely high level of curiosity. Yup, most of us are. It's kinda disturbing, hard to pay fully attention on on-going task. I was doing my assigment, and without realizing it, my screen was already on wikipedia site, peoples blog, youtube la, etc. My assigment progress are damn slow. I need to be hundred times focus. I need a motivatior. Please.. someone give me a tips.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fasa penderaan 1: Tamat

Semalam baru habis pre-assesment.. ok, pre-assesment ni sesi lecturer(s) menilai work-work & design..diorang akan tentukan whether proceed or develop. pre bermaksud tahap 1, so ada lagi 2nd..which is final. Seriously, Ngeriiiiii..

Fuh,Memang teruk minggu ini, present 2 projek dalam 1 minggu, produk & perabot. Purata masa tidur lebih kurang 2-2.5 jam saja, itu pun di kerusi! Kalau duit jangan cerita lah, tidak sedar nih habis. Habis dalam 300++ juga lah. Silaka. Padahal present 4 minit saja.
Result dia, saya proceed for both project. Tapi markah saya diantara paling rendah. damnit. Mock-up (Mini model) cuma siap satu saja, dia minta 3. Dia minta design report, saya jawap 'design report apa?'. Inii semua pasal laptop murah ni, boleh pula drag gambar masuk photoshop sampai 30 minit untuk 1 gambar.. Kecewa gila babi ni, pasal laptop projek slow.
Balik assesment semalam, terus tertidur sampai pagi, ,belum sempat mandi ni. akakaka.yang lain masih tidur, balas dendam.

Next Week Assigment, Penderaan Fasa 2: Produk with detailed Mock-up, Thesis update, Short Video for Mandarin, Analysis on Questionairre, Technical Drawing for Furniture, Write a Letter for Internship. Damn, macam banyak pula tiba-tiba. Anyway wish me luck!

Kos print panel, A1 size x 2, A3 size x 8 = RM1oo!

Kucing di kolej beranak sudah.
P/S Happy Birthday to my best buddy...Nanti balik sabah saya bagi ko adiah.promise. :)

skecthes last minute

Sketches: Kaki Bollard

Produk : Safety Bollard

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sabahan Talented Photographers

Siapa cakap sabahan teda sense of art? These photographers has grab my attention since a few years ago. Thier art work has inspired other to keep producing art work. These are my favourite, i admire thier styles, thier photo really have a 'Sabahan Identity' that i think its cool and totally represent Sabah. You guys should check it out thier photo...

Banyak lg.. tp these among the best...actually betimbun.. dlm link blog saya ni pun bnyk yg hebat-hebat.. macam Mas sama si sumandak.. Respect! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Liverpool farted Old Traford.. and Van Der Sar.

How come i missed this greatest game. Tertidur. cepat-cepat bangun and watch the highlight... All 4 are great goals.. and Dossena's also not bad. The goals scorer list almost the same as when we're beating Real.. but these time Aurelio's show he can do free kick too.

Torres stole the ball to score the equalising goal.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rule of Thirds

I've no idea what to post, so i try to post a type of entry that i never post before, it's more like knowledge sharing. 

Photo Courtesy : Thousand Island

Ever heard of Rule of Thirds? or Tic Tac Toe concept? This concept are often used in photography, cinematography, graphic, and even painting. 

It is a composition which the subject is on the area with crossed line which you can see in the image above.

Why does it important? The propotion create an impact, tension, and attraction.
So, everytime you shot a picture, try to apply the concept, try to minimize the non-subject and position your subject at the tic tac toe area. You still able to try the concept by cropping your existing image.

Remember, a 'rata' or centre photo are not always good, unless it is passport photo. Don't make it good photo, make it cool photo.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pangkor Trip.

Tiring weekend, but these holiday definetely worth it, my stress has decreased about 20%. I managed to capture only a few picture with my digital camera. Its quite disappoting that the island is not beatiful as i thought. The sea isn't blue, there sand aren't white. but anyway, still a good holiday.

My digital camera starting to show the sign of 'penuaan', which is the dark area are a bit grainy, and the dull color. For these, image i use a trick to improve the looks of the shot, i've reduce the exposure abit, and play with white balance. In photoshop, i've used deep yellow filter just to set the warm mood. We have know how to play with the setting, and play with potoshop if we using a cheap-digital-camera.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Piece of Deja Vu art.

While walk home from class, suddenly this idea pop-up in my head. Combining semi-unexplained experience into a single image without sound effect. Resulting some sort of those Deja-Vu thingy. 

Warning: This Image might make you feel like loya-loya cause by the difficulty of entering fast(supposed to be), rough and unusual data to your brain. Haha. Yala.. It suck.

This experiment considered as failed when i realize it's a lack of impact. But i'll still kept the main idea for nextime. 

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