Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was fully exhausted last night, I give it all, and finally. My coffee table already done.
But i still have to a few things to do. I have to finish all before monday.

By the way, i have decided, i will buy a DSLR. To start the revolution, i will open another blog. It's for all my photo. Sharing and Showing is apart of expressing the passion of art. SO YOU WILL ADD MY PHOTOBLOG LINK. YOU MUST. YES. IT'S A PAKSAAN! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am a carpenter.

Now it's 2nd week we in bengkel, and 1 more week before assesment. Sometime, i wish those assesment replace by paper exam, paper exam only need us to read, to revise what we have learn in the semester. But assesment is different, we were 'force' to produce an actual size FURNITURE and a PRODUCT, and all the report progress.

Somehow i think that i am not in a University. It's more like in Kedai Perabot Bumiputra.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

3D experiment

Done this in 2 hour, it is part of my experiment on 3D mix photoshop.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I can't wait.

These day i felt something tickling inside of my body, I'm a bit excited with my next few weeks.
I supposed to feel stress at this moment, there's a to much to do, but i don't.

Our only paper will be in two more day, It's the only paper. Psychologhy. and after a week is my Assesment, we will present all the hard work on that day and I'm it's going to be a happiest day for Industrial Design student. and the next two weeks is my practical training. I can't wait to work with a graphic company.

I can't wait! May 2009 is gonna be my happiest month!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emergency Bollard

Rendered and Modeling by Solidworks 08

This is my product design for this semester. Design to protect padestrian or who ever walk at the sideroad.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Owh D40x

I don't know that Nikon already stop thier production on D40x. Again i missed the train. I was busy saving my money to get one but suddenly they stop production.

Why D40x? It's good for beginner, limited function so the 'noob user' like me didn't get confused with the handling. I already used one and it's pretty easy to handle, and it can fit those 55-200mm nikkor lense which able to produce such a great depth of field. and.. it's got a nice durability, I've accidentally drop the camera(faculty property) in a band permormance, and it still okay, and just a scratch on the casing.

I always stick with this philosophy, 'Use *Bokken, before *Katana'. Start with something ayam-ayam punya camera, then pakai yang lagi hebat punya when my level improved. Bruce Lee still can win although he using penyapu fighting with pondan armed samurai and back-up from mr. adobe.

D60, they say this model is a continuation of the late D40x. I hope so, and it's cost 2K++ if i not mistaken. I must have it before I'm 22. Back to workshop...

Nasib. and Vice Versa.

If you noticed, i've posted an entry about looking an internship place, and I've deleted it few hour later. Because i already got one.

It's happen so fast, they confirm the rejection, and i've keep looking for another one till i got it.

I'm so pissed off when thier already confirmed, and they rejected me without inform me earlier. But it's okay, i'm not okay with the type of company, It's about furniture and im not that interested.

But maybe, everythings happen for a reason, and of course there are reason everthings. I admit that i've choose a lot of wrong path in my life, but it's actually lead me to where I am standing now. Yeap, I think i over-positive.


7 months, I've been writing this blog for 7 months i thanks for reading this loser blog. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

before i self-destruct, i'll say i love you.

It's only a few month and i already missing you.

In a few year and yet i never see any beauty but you,
In my head and heart i painted a graffiti of your name,
In my soul i set to only see you in my sight,
In my trust i believe you'll never change,
In my hand, still i kept the warmth of your touch.
In my speech, it's all about your beauty.

Remember dear that i'll be back.
Remember dear that please don't change.
I missed you, damnit.

I'll be back! Sabah i love you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Repeating mistakes is an art element.

Last night, in my bedroom, bed as a seat, four of us having a little conversation.

"Masih ingat last sem, sehari sebelum assestment, kita kerja separuh mati di bengkel." Hafiz, my pahang friend.

"Tau takpe, siapa suruh semua buat kerja last minute" Najib agreed.

"Haha, ya, itu sem lepas, memang teruk sem ni okay sikit." Syeh continued.

"Yakah.. saya rasa setiap semester kita ulang dialog ni." And we laughed. It's was like tradition a week before assesment.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where all the fires gone.

Woke up, turned on the laptop, walk to the next bedroom, switch on the water heater, grab towel, back to laptop, reactivate the downloading, went to bathroom, wash all the clothes, take a bath, out from bath room, hang the laundry, put clothes on, make coffee, drink a little, ouch, need to eat something, find maggi, find tupperware, pour water, back to laptop, oh shit, its 1145am.

Oh god.. I've been living a loser's life.

I didn't go to workshop today, i have to do some of assignments, dammit. I thought there is no assignment anymore, but suddenly Mr. Erwin add two more assignments. Maybe he realized that he gave not enough assignment for this semester.

Chelsea deserved to win.. but f* you Drogba!

Drogba.. fell everytime Liverpool players make contact. It's about 20+ times he fell down.. is the referee blind or what. Drogba is f*kn annoyed me when he show sign of 'no chance to liverpool fan after lampard scored.. damn... Sakit hati. Great game last night. Well done Chelsea.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I learn to smoke. I think its kinda cool.

It's really hard to create those smoky background. Finally.. ini lah hasilnya.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I can feel it burning in me.

(image removed due to unsuitability)

I'm so fackin' inspired. I must keep put my effort. I'm so inspired. Please don't take this away. I have to kill my laziness. Kill the pig!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The day before Handphone.

Recently i've watched a few retro-vintage movies. They living a cool life, without these 'unnecessary technology' bothering their life. They only have house phone and public phone to communicate. They never thinking of having these 'pocket phone'.

Now we're too depending on it. Love story became less romantic. Well, love -letter is 'sweeter' than love-SMS right? Pos Malaysia might rich today as Maxis or Celcom without handphone existence.

Pornography, every teenagers keep it. They don't need to put a video tape under the bed. Now they can just create a folder inside their phone, name it 'xxx' and keeping adding a new stuff. And started to call it privacy, and the company invent a locking system. Remember the camera with film, who killed it? Camera phone did. People starting to take self-taking photo, Myspace invented. Somehow, i think they were too young for that. When the handycam are too expensive, teenager feels its unaffordable and now they put video camera in. In what format? 3gp. Try to google 3gp and guess what you'll find, it's a self-taken porno. After the 'xxx' folder, they create another one, 'me & my baby'.

SMS, i thinks it make the communication way too easy which is not really good. When its too easy, its make the conversation too often, you'll get bored, maybe we not, but him or her might get bored. Again, easy communication cause another problem, him or her have easy alternative how to get rid with the boredom. Find another one.

Misused? No, the company know what exactly we want. They know whose gonna buy their product. And they know 'the need'. Long live telifon rumah!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crawl, back in line.

Fall, stand up, and fall again. Feel better with crawl. Done all the assignment in style, now only assessment left. Today Philosophy class, Pn. Fadhilah announced a few name with excellent mark. Guess what, my name on the list, and my Sabahan fellow also includes. Only both of us got full mark. The funny is, i didn't read anything before exam. Just a bit lucky, and blessed. I love this subject. But, it does humiliating me when she read my paper in front of hundreds of student. I'm not proud of my writing, it's full of lies, unnecessary praising the society, complimenting other religious, and it's not me at all. She read my simple grammar, read almost entire essay. If i write with my own philosophy, I'm gonna be in ISA. Hypocrisy saved my ass this time.

I glad i finished all my assignment, on time. Most of them are group assignment. Mandarin Sketch Video, i think they make the assignment a bit interesting. In next 3 month, try to search 'Mandarin/Arab/France/Spanish Video UiTM" in Youtube, I'm sure you you'll find plenty of video. The Third Language department has replacing the final paper with Sketch Video, Which make UiTM became Hollywood in these few week, you easily can see student shooting movie everywhere.

I supposed to do my furniture starting this week. But i hate workshop. I hate the sound of machine, i hate the wood dust, i hate measuring, i hate to see when they didn't have any problem with that.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Everyday it's getting rusty.

These down mood keep limiting me to produce any art work. It's been a few months i didn't do anything about it. I haven't go out to shoot, i never take seriously in doing digital art. But i wish i could do it any day. Maybe i already woke up, perhaps i already realize what i could do and what i am not.

Well, its a bit silly to keep writing about my disappointment. It might considered as lame for some people. But i need to write, i have no one to talk with, I've kill them all. I've once talk with my roomie, and it end up with 'Get a GF", Point taken. I'm so curious what its like to be alone, wait, i always does. What its like to be no one, without no one. Yes, these suffocate me, but sometime these suffocation did bring pleasure to me. Sometimes. In some situation, individual assignment are lot easier than groupy work.

I keep writing and producing senseless funny grammar in this blog. Well, Quiet people think a lot.

Good luck, for those who thinks they're in fighting mood.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Walk On Liverpool!

The fan never left thier seat although there's 0-0 till at 89', benayoun came as a subtitute, changed the momentum of the game, scored the winning goal on 90'. Go Benny!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rant-O-Rama #2

Great week, I've never realize until last night i cleaned my desktop. Its full of my work progress image, words, slide, and a few note. I put all of it on the desktop cuz its only place that i always look at, easy storage. I open them one by one, it's a bit like weekly review in football highlight. I gain a little compliments during presentation, i proceed all of my design, it's a bit achievement for me. My presentation for BEL was the simplest without any background image, but create some cartoon, stick figure with maggi head, the presentation turned into a cartoon show.

In the other side, i still don't have any money, i owe my friend a lot. My hand phone "creditless" almost for 2 weeks, 3 weeks maybe. Again, my friends credit is the savior. I wish i have time for part time job, but i don't even have a time for sleep job. I'll kill any deer that cross in front of me. Dreaming of having a DeSeLaR became blur and blur.

P/s: 30 tips to survive in hell without money. Now in store, get it now!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last night I've asked Him to gain me inspiration, the day before i felt so dead. And today my head just get shot with a shot gun twice, i have attended the seminar which earlier i thought will break my neck when sitting in the hall. But it turned to be a little bit of brainwash which i definitely need.

Both of the panels are from our own UiTM alumni and they did a extremely done a good job and failed to break my neck (zzz), this is the first time i didn't fall asleep in bubling session, and most of them already dead and some playing with paper and ink. Actually the seminar topic is for our internship program, but all of sudden it turn to be passion expression, and i think its kinda cool.
You guys can check it out "Din Arshad" in google, the other panel... i already forgot his name.
In other side, it's kinda bothering when they talk mostly about photography, since im not a photography student and only a posuer. I choosed a wrong course. I regreted it everyday.
Just now i surfed deviant art site and i clicked this girl portfolio, sabahan, photography course. She got such a nice shot. She post almost 2 artworks per day. She enjoyed her passion. I envy her. Only if i choose this course earlier..
Now look where i stand, i'm spending lots of money in what i didn't enjoy doing, pushing my self doing what i don't really like. Now i'm stranded in a land of stranger, without money and friend, always failed to adapt. I just don't understand what my course about. Viva la vida.
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