Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last night I've asked Him to gain me inspiration, the day before i felt so dead. And today my head just get shot with a shot gun twice, i have attended the seminar which earlier i thought will break my neck when sitting in the hall. But it turned to be a little bit of brainwash which i definitely need.

Both of the panels are from our own UiTM alumni and they did a extremely done a good job and failed to break my neck (zzz), this is the first time i didn't fall asleep in bubling session, and most of them already dead and some playing with paper and ink. Actually the seminar topic is for our internship program, but all of sudden it turn to be passion expression, and i think its kinda cool.
You guys can check it out "Din Arshad" in google, the other panel... i already forgot his name.
In other side, it's kinda bothering when they talk mostly about photography, since im not a photography student and only a posuer. I choosed a wrong course. I regreted it everyday.
Just now i surfed deviant art site and i clicked this girl portfolio, sabahan, photography course. She got such a nice shot. She post almost 2 artworks per day. She enjoyed her passion. I envy her. Only if i choose this course earlier..
Now look where i stand, i'm spending lots of money in what i didn't enjoy doing, pushing my self doing what i don't really like. Now i'm stranded in a land of stranger, without money and friend, always failed to adapt. I just don't understand what my course about. Viva la vida.

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