Friday, April 10, 2009

The day before Handphone.

Recently i've watched a few retro-vintage movies. They living a cool life, without these 'unnecessary technology' bothering their life. They only have house phone and public phone to communicate. They never thinking of having these 'pocket phone'.

Now we're too depending on it. Love story became less romantic. Well, love -letter is 'sweeter' than love-SMS right? Pos Malaysia might rich today as Maxis or Celcom without handphone existence.

Pornography, every teenagers keep it. They don't need to put a video tape under the bed. Now they can just create a folder inside their phone, name it 'xxx' and keeping adding a new stuff. And started to call it privacy, and the company invent a locking system. Remember the camera with film, who killed it? Camera phone did. People starting to take self-taking photo, Myspace invented. Somehow, i think they were too young for that. When the handycam are too expensive, teenager feels its unaffordable and now they put video camera in. In what format? 3gp. Try to google 3gp and guess what you'll find, it's a self-taken porno. After the 'xxx' folder, they create another one, 'me & my baby'.

SMS, i thinks it make the communication way too easy which is not really good. When its too easy, its make the conversation too often, you'll get bored, maybe we not, but him or her might get bored. Again, easy communication cause another problem, him or her have easy alternative how to get rid with the boredom. Find another one.

Misused? No, the company know what exactly we want. They know whose gonna buy their product. And they know 'the need'. Long live telifon rumah!


belleOFranau said...

hahaha...but the talipon rumah ringtone kinda irritating bah...ishk inda kull ni...and yes thats the kesan negative from this IT thingy...we know it better..but its all coming from ourself juga ba tu...if ure wise n intelligent...ndala buat..kalu yang kurang bijak..tulah yang terjerumus to this negative attitude...and yes..i miss that 'love letter'...the nice smell of that paper and colourfull envelope...saya rindu~~ ^_^

Owen said...

haha.. ada smell pula ka.. yaba.. talifon rumah punya sounds mmg irritating. Mcm tekanan ni klu nda angkat.. nda bulih silent lg tu.

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