Monday, April 6, 2009

Everyday it's getting rusty.

These down mood keep limiting me to produce any art work. It's been a few months i didn't do anything about it. I haven't go out to shoot, i never take seriously in doing digital art. But i wish i could do it any day. Maybe i already woke up, perhaps i already realize what i could do and what i am not.

Well, its a bit silly to keep writing about my disappointment. It might considered as lame for some people. But i need to write, i have no one to talk with, I've kill them all. I've once talk with my roomie, and it end up with 'Get a GF", Point taken. I'm so curious what its like to be alone, wait, i always does. What its like to be no one, without no one. Yes, these suffocate me, but sometime these suffocation did bring pleasure to me. Sometimes. In some situation, individual assignment are lot easier than groupy work.

I keep writing and producing senseless funny grammar in this blog. Well, Quiet people think a lot.

Good luck, for those who thinks they're in fighting mood.

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