Monday, April 20, 2009

Owh D40x

I don't know that Nikon already stop thier production on D40x. Again i missed the train. I was busy saving my money to get one but suddenly they stop production.

Why D40x? It's good for beginner, limited function so the 'noob user' like me didn't get confused with the handling. I already used one and it's pretty easy to handle, and it can fit those 55-200mm nikkor lense which able to produce such a great depth of field. and.. it's got a nice durability, I've accidentally drop the camera(faculty property) in a band permormance, and it still okay, and just a scratch on the casing.

I always stick with this philosophy, 'Use *Bokken, before *Katana'. Start with something ayam-ayam punya camera, then pakai yang lagi hebat punya when my level improved. Bruce Lee still can win although he using penyapu fighting with pondan armed samurai and back-up from mr. adobe.

D60, they say this model is a continuation of the late D40x. I hope so, and it's cost 2K++ if i not mistaken. I must have it before I'm 22. Back to workshop...

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