Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crawl, back in line.

Fall, stand up, and fall again. Feel better with crawl. Done all the assignment in style, now only assessment left. Today Philosophy class, Pn. Fadhilah announced a few name with excellent mark. Guess what, my name on the list, and my Sabahan fellow also includes. Only both of us got full mark. The funny is, i didn't read anything before exam. Just a bit lucky, and blessed. I love this subject. But, it does humiliating me when she read my paper in front of hundreds of student. I'm not proud of my writing, it's full of lies, unnecessary praising the society, complimenting other religious, and it's not me at all. She read my simple grammar, read almost entire essay. If i write with my own philosophy, I'm gonna be in ISA. Hypocrisy saved my ass this time.

I glad i finished all my assignment, on time. Most of them are group assignment. Mandarin Sketch Video, i think they make the assignment a bit interesting. In next 3 month, try to search 'Mandarin/Arab/France/Spanish Video UiTM" in Youtube, I'm sure you you'll find plenty of video. The Third Language department has replacing the final paper with Sketch Video, Which make UiTM became Hollywood in these few week, you easily can see student shooting movie everywhere.

I supposed to do my furniture starting this week. But i hate workshop. I hate the sound of machine, i hate the wood dust, i hate measuring, i hate to see when they didn't have any problem with that.

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