Friday, April 3, 2009

Rant-O-Rama #2

Great week, I've never realize until last night i cleaned my desktop. Its full of my work progress image, words, slide, and a few note. I put all of it on the desktop cuz its only place that i always look at, easy storage. I open them one by one, it's a bit like weekly review in football highlight. I gain a little compliments during presentation, i proceed all of my design, it's a bit achievement for me. My presentation for BEL was the simplest without any background image, but create some cartoon, stick figure with maggi head, the presentation turned into a cartoon show.

In the other side, i still don't have any money, i owe my friend a lot. My hand phone "creditless" almost for 2 weeks, 3 weeks maybe. Again, my friends credit is the savior. I wish i have time for part time job, but i don't even have a time for sleep job. I'll kill any deer that cross in front of me. Dreaming of having a DeSeLaR became blur and blur.

P/s: 30 tips to survive in hell without money. Now in store, get it now!

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