Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Robot Evolution.

Yuck. I hate it when i have to google infected skin images and edit the picture so it looks like 'before and after'. I have to zoom each of the picture to redraw the picture. oh la la. Kurap bah tu. kurap.

Another tough day, the clients line up to see us, the phone keep ringing, all of them are similar with their irrationality, they want their 'stuff' tomorrow. Please be rational la dear client! Now I have to bring home those loaded work.


Could you able to live a hour without music in your ear? without people talking with you, if yes, good, it's mean I'm no freak. Because now I'm living without music plugs into my ear, it was like walking and doing thing without my brain thinking, soulless, and I don't even remember what I've wore yesterday.

Don't tell me I'm in a process of becoming permanently robot. Ha-ha-ha.


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