Friday, June 12, 2009


Egoist. I am an egoist. Everybody is. Okay okay, except you.

I've never put any 'goggled' image in my blog.
I've never put commercialized lyric in my blog.
I've never put other people's video in my blog.
I've never put anybody’s' writing in my blog.
I'm an ego. I might see as have nothing else if I do so. I'm too ego to steal, and share.

Yeah, I might have steal or done those, but still I'm too ego to admit.
Egoism does complicate life.


Daishie Dc said...

copy paste lyric+video+gmbr lain d blog ialah menghargai artwork org..YG PENTING BUKAN COPYRIGHT N CIPLAK.--arap komen ini d pahami oleh anda.sekian

Owen said...

ada kah saya cakap salah?

Daishie Dc said...

ada ka sa ckp salah jg?
just a comment ~

Owen said...

hahaha... mana2 la. selamat hari sabtu arr Dc..

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