Friday, September 10, 2010


When I'm doing things, I easily got attracted by other things, and the old thing remain abandoned.

I used to do sport when I'm younger, I'm playing football and never stop doing it.
But I've stopped when I listened to Cobain. I started to play guitar and jam with some friend.
And I suddenly felt for art, painting, and I paint. But I never good at it.
I leaved it all behind, I've tried videography, photography, and now graphic design.

It's not that I leave it means that I dislike them, still love but less practicing.

I'm a traitor, pathetic disloyal dog. I always stop doing something for something else.
I never have a good long term commitment for something.
That's why I didn't know what I really good at.

1 comment:

MISELnamapendek said...

Oh thank God I am not alone.

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