Sunday, June 5, 2011

June. You kinda inspiring.

Well, a lot of things going recently, 2 wedding in a row, and there's another one next week. (Hopefully!). I made a little money recently, selling shirt, taking pictures, but still people asking.

"Di mana ko kerja?"

"Erm, saya kerja sendiri saja ni sekarang. Jual baju, part-time designer, ambil gambar...."

"Oh, siok oh... Tiada try apply mana-mana?"

But I know they didn't get it, this is my plan, I'm working on it.

My recent work, I hope they like it. I haven't told them I'm a beginner.

I bought this book with my first earning from my first wedding job.


Belle Edwin said...

emm....besa la ba tu..dont give up ya...kepp hold on to ur dream job..envy u...

hapi said...

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