Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mr. Sun.

I love mr.Sun. 
He's the signal of creation. 
He wake us up. 
and yes. He's hot. 
But what we gonna do.. 
If tomorrow he doesn't shine?

I love Mr. Sun.
But soon Maybe he'll stop shining. 
Because everytime he's shine, 
human keep fighting, 
jungle keep burning, 
river keep drying,
 the ice keep melting.

Everyday when he set. 
Human start dancing. 
Human having thier time. 
The firework was so beautiful. 
The city light was beautiful enough. 
Night was prettier, was beautiful. 
Without him, world are more romantic.

Human never welcome him. 
Woke up when hes's up high. 
Human closed thier window. . 
Human tinted they car. 
They hate him. 
People keep hoping,
how wonderful world gonna be,
if he doesn't shine.

Love Mr. Sun.


Mas Mohd Yunus said...

ini sunggoh gila :))

bila kita mahu buat exhibition =))

**hidup mesti ada cita-cita.

Daishie Dc said...

wow..i love mr sun 2...shot byk lg sun2..

Daishie Dc said...

but ur sun doesn't look so hot~

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