Friday, October 3, 2008

Sesi berjalan tanpa misi: Kuala Lupak

Last night i couldn't sleep, this raya break really driven me mad. Yes, i have a bunch of fukin assigment that supposed to be done. But this boredome has finally reach its limits. Without sleeping, i look forward for the mission at the day. Perhaps its not really 'no mission', in my mind, i could do something with my photo assigment. So.. Boredome+photo assigment=kualafukinlumpur. I didn't really plan it before because i think i could finish the assgmnt only at shah alam lake (my only assigment spot).

But in the end of the mission, i only managed to capture a few..

The city still dirty, i captured this one around CM which the GAM KASUT are all over the place. But no one there. are they cuti raya also?

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